Welcome to Rob Lipman’s TRAVEL and TECH

Traveling all the way around the world used to be a distant dream for me. Now, it’s a regular business reality.  To keep it from being boring, I keep looking for ways to make it both exciting, different and interesting.   If you are a frequent traveler, please come back often, comment, and make suggestions for the like minded wanderer.

Want to know about American Airlines’ new premium class food and wine initiative?   I’m up on it?  Japan Airlines new business class seat?  Check back on January 13, after I take their flagship flight JL001 from San Francisco to Tokyo.  Been on an A-380 yet?  It’s pretty amazing, even though I still haven’t gotten to sneak a peak at one of those private First Class cabins yet.   But it’s on my list!  I invite you to live vicariously through these descriptions…

January 2010 also marks the landmark introduction of Q-TV, a project I have been involved in for seven years.  Q-TV is designed as a giant leap forward in the development of  the Internet TV revolution — the long awaited convergence of the Internet with the TV.

Q-TV is the product of years of development by the dedicated team at  BroadQ, LLC, a company I helped found in 2002.  If you like use/enjoy things like TiVo, Boxee, AppleTV, or similar things out there on the forefront of technology,  I hope  you will follow this column.  Even if you’re not an early adapter, you WILL be using these technologies by 2015, so why not stay tuned?

So this blog will blend my two business passions – World Travel and Convergence Technology – along with comments about random experiences encountered during the pursuit of both. If you know about one and not the other, I’ll try to keep the posts interesting (and short enough) to provide that valuable nugget of information you’ll pull out to impress your friends and business colleagues.

After all, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you ARE a master of the Trivial, as well a well educated citizen of the world.

Your comments are always appreciated!


One Response to “About”

  1. Jessica Lipman Says:

    Some interesting insights here! I look forward to keeping up with this blog!

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