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CNET Post-CES Poll Shows Predicts IPTV Revolution Imminent

January 18, 2010

An informal poll of post-Consumer Electronics Show “Early Adapters” shows nearly 50% believe IPTV will soon overtake traditional TV content distribution methods.    With more than 5500 respondents during the week following CES, the tech-savvy crowd also predicted the advance of IPTV will be fueled by development of Internet-Connected TV sets as well as by increased connectivity through Game Consoles.

Availability of bandwidth was cited as a limiting factor in the development of IPTV technology.

BroadQ’s Qtv IPTV software will utilize the Sony PlayStation2 as a platform for distribution of a wide range of Internet TV offerings.  Channel partner content will also be available on more than 1000 models of mobile telephones.

CNET’s  informal poll also showed that 75% of respondents were either very or “somewhat” likely to ditch their existing distribution service (Cable/Satellite/Broadcast) for an Internet-based model.

CNET Poll Results as of January 17, 2010