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The Emirates A380 Experience – Uplifting and Unexpected

July 17, 2010

I’ve been intrigued by Emirates Airlines advertising over the past few years.  While my travels don’t often take me through Dubai, I recently had the opportunity to spend a night at the Park Hyatt and experience Emirates new A-380 flight from Bangkok.   I couldn’t have been more surprised or pleased with the experience.

The Emirates A-380 made me feel like I was flying for the first time.   As someone who has flown 200,000 miles a year for the last 10 years, that’s quite an accomplishment.  

Check in at Bangkok’s new airport was quick and as pleasant as it can be in a major city airport.  But once through security, the lounge beckoned with a wide selection of food and drink that was so far above what’s typically offered in airport lounges I might have been at an exclusive cocktail reception.


Las Vegas Convention Center, RIO All-Suite Hotel, and a Word About Comps

January 6, 2010

Boy, is this going to be a monster show.   Many new announcements are pending.  Stay tuned for updates from the show starting tomorrow.

Stopped by the RIO All-Suite Hotel on the other side of I-15 to see how it was looking, and the rooms are still in good shape – nearly 600 square feet with plenty of room to spread out.   A friend (not a major gambler) had signed up for the Harrah’s Group Players Card, and with modest play had earned two “free” midweek room nights – not a bad perk for those who never thought they would play enough to get a “comp” anything.

Travel tip for Vegas – sign up for the FREE Players Cards at each hotel, but note that most of the major resorts are interconnected with card programs which work in multiple hotels.   Harrah’s is one, (including Caesar’s, Rio, Bally’s, etc) and the MGM Grand Card covers more properties than I can count.   If you’re playing primarily at one hotel, be sure to check for comps at that hotel.  I was shocked to find I had played enough to get a free night AND two comp passes to the health club, worth about $75, on my last trip.

I was equally surprised to find that even though I earned points at “sister” hotels, the points earned their didn’t earn “comps” at the hotel I was staying in.   Moral – to some extent, gamble where you stay – but don’t let it ruin your vacation or business trip!