How You Can Get Airlines to Stop Raising Bag Fees – A Call to Action!

The latest salvo of bag-checking cost increases is now ricocheting across the US airfare landscape like the latest fake “fare-war” sale.   But this is yet another add-on charge the airlines aren’t advertising to the public.  Instead of raising minimum fares to a reasonable and sustainable level, they’re still advertising $99 coast-to-coast fares (if you fly on Tuesday after midnight, and stand on your left foot for at least half the flight).

Perhaps you have noted Southwest Airline’s latest advertisements with a hip-hop “Bags Fly Free” message.  It’s a major differentiator, and Southwest deserves to be recognized.  Jet Blue is also among the last holdouts which does not charge for everything that goes into the holds of their planes.

Our friends at “The Cranky Flier” have both a point and a plan – something you can do today to let the airlines know you will shift your allegiance.   We highly suggest that you sign up for The Cranky Flier’s well written commentary on all things airline.  Even frequent fliers, who don’t usually pay a fee to check bags on our preferred carriers, should take action.    I know I just did – here’s why:

I just booked two travelers who work for my company and who AREN’T elite fliers on Jet Blue between Austin and San Francisco.  Aside from having lower fares (by $20 roundtrip) on Jet Blue, more legroom and “better” service, since they’re each checking two bags, the total savings on fare and bags is $140 per person – $280 total.    That’s actually MORE than the price of one of the roundtrip tickets!    Do you find this INSANE?

Charging for bags at this level is getting to be completely out of hand.  If you agree, check out this short article and write to the airlines.   Before the cost to check a bag exceeds the cost of your next ticket, check out this short article, and send a message to your favorite airline.  And some of your not-so-favorite airlines!

CLICK HERE:     How You Can Get Airlines to Stop Raising Bag Fees.

I remember buying three $120 tickets from Madrid to Vienna last year on discount carrier Clickair (now a part of Vueling) – and thinking we got a great deal.  When we got to the airport, we were hit with $850 worth of baggage fees – nearly twice the cost of our tickets!  Let’s hope we don’t get to that point here in the USA – it’s hard to travel for a two week trip with just carry-on luggage!

Happy travels,

Rob Lipman


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